About Us

Welcome to tershouse Sarajevo coworking & event space. With 580sqm we are the largest coworking space in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This space arose from the need to strengthen the business community in the segment of business and networking of companies and individuals.

Following the modern business trends, our coworking space offers a higher degree of socialization compared to the traditional model, the possibility of better concentration as well as much greater potential for growth and advancement of individuals, companies and business as a whole.

Naturally lit space surrounded by green areas and a walking area, optical internet, comfortable chairs and wide tables as well as a handful of accessories such as video equipment, audio equipment, photo equipment and network accessories at your disposal, make our space wanabe / ideal for your daily working routine.

Our mission

Creating an ideal business environment for all companies and individuals who will achieve many benefits through their work in our coworking space - for the community and for themselves, and thus contribute to the growth of their business. With our knowledge we create new values, we promote a culture of cooperation and common good.

Our Vision

We create new values ​​by strengthening the business ecosystem in the domain of all areas of modern businesses.