Host professional conferences, presentations or seminars

Train your business and your employees in our space – you will not miss on the result. Event space is an ideal environment for external trainings, motivational workshops, team-building and lectures.

What we offer

Versatile and entirely customizable conference and event spaces

Is located on the ground floor and separated from the coworking space and other areas, providing perfect oasis of privacy and concentration for larger conferences with 220 sqm of space.

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Need help in organizing your event?

If you feel that you are not brave enough to organize a perfect event, with our event space and the team, it is possible to bring all your ideas and goals to life.

“When the coronavirus pandemic began, we were all forced to move our business to the online world. tershouse was our support and resource to make that transition as easy as possible. The tershouse team is great and always finds a solution to all our inquiries, wishes, requests, and technical requirements.”

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